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Tips on Storing Pecans

Pecans can be enjoyed year round by following a few simple tips.

Whole Pecans

  • In shell pecans will keep up to five or six months when kept refrigerated or in a cool dry place.

Cracked Pecans

  • Cracked pecans will keep for the least amount of time before they begin to discolor, usually after one to two months.
  • Although they may discolor, they often retain the same great taste for several more weeks.

Shelled Pecans

  • Shelled pecans will keep at least six months in a refrigerator.
  • Shelled pecans will last over a year and up to two years when placed in a freezer.
  • Due to the high oil content of our shelled pecans, they will not lose their taste when frozen.
  • When storing pecans in a freezer it is best to use a sealed plastic bag or container.
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